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The Eye That Saw It All by Jayesixx

I'll start with the negative, so then I can move onto the positives (which far outweigh the negatives here, in my opinion). Vision: The...

A Splash of Color by LupusDream

I'll start off, as I always do, with what can be improved. Then, I shall move on to what I like/love about the drawing. Vision: If the ...

Leo Sketch by KristinaStoud

I'm going to get the few bad things out of the way first so I can say all of the good thing. ;) I think the chest is a little too bare. ...

Winter is Coming by Ruwich
by Ruwich

I believe this is a very nice picture. :) I'll go ahead and give you the parts I think may need a little improvement so I can write abou...


Then Kill Me by Aryncoryn
Then Kill Me
I know I didn't do this scene justice.

But I tried. ;-;

This is from an rp between NeonTalya and I (at least, this arc is). 

And can I just ask what my heart did to deserve the levels of emotion it is going through? I'll ask that. What did it do to deserve this?

I tried to draw Hyde's clothes too large for him, because he had just transformed from Henry. I'm not sure how well that's conveyed, but I did my best.
The Expressions of Dust (and Frost...?) by Aryncoryn
The Expressions of Dust (and Frost...?)
There was a period of time in which I was waiting to be taught the next step to a project in art class (I'd finished the previous step early), so I sketched these up then. ^^ I might to a more extensive version like the one that I did for Hyde, but I have to do one of those for Jekyll first. x3

These are a couple of the characters that I bought from NeonTalya. :D I have something planned for them, too, but it's taking a little longer than expected. Dx The first part should be done soon, though!
Chibi Hyde by Aryncoryn
Chibi Hyde
I finally finished an old sketch that I'd done when I was trying to learn a bit about the super-deformed style. xD Okay, it's not that old, but it's old enough.

So here, have some Hyde.

Edward Hyde (c) Robert Louis Stevenson.
Sick by Aryncoryn
Ugh, I hate being sick. xD I actually had to go to the nurse's office yesterday, and I had to stay home from school today. It was the sickest I've been in a while, to say the least. 

I figured I'd draw Aryn reflecting my own sentiments.

And I apologize for the lazy shading. ;-; I was experimenting a bit in Photoshop, rather than in Sketchbook Pro, which is the program that I normally use.
Claire's Sorry by Aryncoryn
Claire's Sorry
Well, at least she's apologizing. xD

She can be easily startled when she knows she's in danger (but if not sure when it will pop out), and when she's startled, she often pulls out her knife to defend herself. x3

This is the character that I bought from Neontalya. ^^ 

Also, I used black lines because when I'd started lining it I was feeling a little lazy. ;-; Sorry!
I was tagged by :iconneontalya:

How dare you

1) You must post these rules.
2) Each person has to share 10 things about themselves.
3) Answer the 10 questions asked by the person who tagged you and make up 10 questions for the 10 you tag.
4) Choose 10 people and put their icons in your journal.
5) Go to their page and inform them they've been tagged (I'll probably skip this part. xD)
6) Not something like " You are tagged if you read that ".
7) You have to legitimately tag 10 people. 
9) You can't say you won't do tags.
10) You MUST make a journal entry. (I don't want to bother you, though, so if you don't want to I'll completely understand. xD)


1) What is/was your favorite subject in school?
2) Are you having, or have you had, a nice day?
3) Dragons or gryphons?
4) If you were to be sorted into a specific category from a book/movie (i.e., which house for Harry Potter, which District from the Hunger Games, which cabin from Percy Jackson, etc.)?
5) Do you use the Oxford Comma?
6) Books or movies?
7) DC or Marvel? (If neither, that's fine, too. xD)
8) What do you think of being tagged?
9) What is your favorite animal?
10) What is your favorite character from any form of media (book, movie, comic strip, etc.)?

1) If you could go on an adventure what's type of adventure would it be.

Preferably the kind where I do not die. Or if I do, I die for a good cause and not, say, because a tree decided to fall in the middle of the road.
In terms of the adventure itself, definitely a fantasy one. x3 
And if there's time travel/history lesson and a doctor involved, so much the better. 
(Sorry, there'll probably be a lot of references to this particular subject. xD)

2) Cats or Dogs 

I can't pick between the two. We have five cats and four dogs, and one cat and one dog from them are bonded specifically to me. I adore both of them, and I cannot pick between them. x3

3) TV shows or Movies or Cartoons

TV shows. x3 While I do love movies, I think that TV shows give people more time to get attached with the characters and such.
Also, I wasn't sure whether Avatar: the Last Airbender was technically a TV show or a cartoon, so I'll be counting it as a TV show for here. xD

4) Do you draw more traditionally than digitally?

This is sort of a tricky question for me, since I often scan in my sketches that I draw traditionally. Then, I finish them digitally. 
So both, then?
I mean, in terms of finished pieces, I currently draw digitally more. x3

5) Do your draw in class/at work 

Yes. x3 I find it hard to pay attention, actually, unless I do. I listen to the teacher while I draw.

6) How long have you been drawing

I've been drawing pretty much my whole life, but I really started actually trying in 2012.
That is also when I joined DA. x3
But don't look at my work from back then.
It should never see the light of day again unless I want it for a "Draw this Again" meme.
No one must ever know.
(Reference humor, sorry.)

7) What's your Otp 

You know, it used to be Destiel. Then Maiko. And now, I'm sort of falling for Henbert. The person who tagged me knows to what Henbert is referring to. xD

8) Spell your name and your crush/fictional character crush without any a, e, i, o or u's.

Ryn Zk

9) Favourite Musical.

I think this one's rather obvious. xD For those of you who don't know me as well, though, it's Jekyll and Hyde. Phantom of the Opera is second. ^^

10) Classical Literature or Modern.

Classical. x3 There are some modern books that I absolutely adore, but all of my top 3 favorite books are classical.

I tag:

:icondragonitas: :iconstarkrestwing: :iconvivian334: :iconwhisperer-of-winds: 

I know there were supposed to be more, but I'll stop now. xD

And you guys don't really have to do it unless you want to. xD I actually feel bad about tagging people at all because I'm worried about annoying people. I personally like doing tagged journals except for tagging others. ;-;


Aryn Alba
Artist | Student | Varied
United States
I have been drawing for quite some time, but I really got into it in 2012. I love drawing and I'm practicing every medium I can try!
I am into fantasy books and am trying to write my own.

All in all, welcome to my page. ;)

*Fandoms I am IN/Media I Enjoy a Lot:*
~Guardians of Ga'Hoole/Wolves of the Beyond
~Percy Jackson/Heroes of Olympus
~Avatar: The Last Airbender/The Legend of Korra
~Marvel (not JUST the movies!)
~My Little Pony
~Harry Potter
~Fullmetal Alchemist
~How to Train Your Dragon
~Jekyll and Hyde (the book, the show 'Jekyll', and the musical)
~The Phantom of the Opera (also the book and the musical)
~A Tale of Two Cities (same as above)

*Fandoms I WANT to Get Into:*
~Doctor Who
~Mortal Instruments
~Black Butler
~Hetalia (maybe)

My Facebook page is here:…

Things people have made for me as requests, commissions, prizes, trades, and gifts:
Aryn Alba Icon by Brinxx Dusk Icon by Brinxx WF: Aryncoryn by spring-warmth
Aryn by Jayesixx :thumb484241013: stuff I didnt post sry by Brinxx
Mirrors In Your Mind by spring-warmth Request: Aryncoryn by dragonitas Scootaloo by Szarlotki
Art trade with Aryncoryn by demon-variola ~Aryncoryn's request~ by Silver-Hollystar Ethan for ArynCoryn by SamalaKatal
Aryn by SapphireMoonbrush Request for Aryncoryn by Kaliaen Everyone Smiles Eventually | Commission #1 by gooby-goober
Aryn commission by xXTwistedRainbows pic for Aryncoryn. by ToughEnough Ethan and Alex- Request by PiscesWeirdo
:thumb400153104: Laurai headshot by SironaWolf Emily by Brinxx
[Request]Emily:Pony by fernGlaboo12 Aryn OCs gif by L-Michelle-SA :CM: Laurai by Sourene
:thumb387497491: :thumb387271604: Alexandria for ArynCoryn by SamalaKatal
Aryn, the strange owl by Asio-arald COMMISSION:Alba with fireworks by Pan-AuraPuch Balance Aryncoryn by LUWOLVESCAS
Prize: Owl by Meli-chan3 Aryn by Flightless-Ferret Aryn -  request by PurpleNightTheKitty
Aryn Drawing by fangs211 Request- Aryn by GaHooleNerd44 Art Trade: Aryncoryn by spring-warmth
A pigeon! by Novawuff Ember by SwimmButt Aryn OCs by L-Michelle-SA
Sketches are awesome by ckaroline600 Aryncoryn: Owl Master by dragonitas Princess Emily: Filly and Mare (Request) by Whisperer-of-Winds
:thumb368330939: Request: Aryn Alba 1 (sketch) by Whisperer-of-Winds Aryn Alba 2 (sketch) by Whisperer-of-Winds


Aryncoryn has started a donation pool!
125 / 50
You don't have to donate any and I'm not pressuring anyone. I just don't have any and I was wondering if anyone would like to. If you want to, you could put points in and ask me for a drawing. xD I still take requests, though! This is only if you ever wanted to donate!

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