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A Splash of Color by LupusDream

I'll start off, as I always do, with what can be improved. Then, I shall move on to what I like/love about the drawing. Vision: If the ...

Leo Sketch by KristinaStoud

I'm going to get the few bad things out of the way first so I can say all of the good thing. ;) I think the chest is a little too bare. ...

Winter is Coming by Ruwich
by Ruwich

I believe this is a very nice picture. :) I'll go ahead and give you the parts I think may need a little improvement so I can write abou...



Through the Dark by Aryncoryn
Through the Dark

I'm not sure why, but it seems that I can never paint during the daytime. xD At least, when it's light out I can't. I had this sketch for a few days before I decided to transfer it to thicker paper for the painting, and I just decided to finish it all up last night. It took me 'till 2:15 AM. ^^

I'm not sure, but I may try to use a variation on this style more often. I actually kind of like it. :meow:

And yes, it is Rainbow Dash.

Rainbow Dash (c) Hasbro/Discovery Family and fyre-flye.

Art (c) me.

Jekyll and Hyde Cover Art by Aryncoryn
Jekyll and Hyde Cover Art

So what do I do when I don't currently have any ideas for Jekyll and Hyde practice/fanart? Just use something that's already been done! xD (Seriously, I am sorry for my lack of originality, though.)

So I made my own version of the Jekyll and Hyde album cover (original is here:…)

While I referenced it rather heavily, I didn't directly copy it, as I wanted to use my own designs (and somewhat my own style) for the two. Also, I couldn't find the exact font for the lettering, so I just made do with what I could find (I adjusted the ones that I used, though).

And I know I didn't include the girl at the bottom. She could be one of two characters (Lisa or Lucy), and I didn't know which one she was supposed to be. As my deigns for the two are unique from each other, I haven't included her... yet. xD 

Ice Phoenix Watercolor by Aryncoryn
Ice Phoenix Watercolor
I'm making a bunch of small watercolor paintings for people at my school, so here's the first one. xD I'll be going on break after today, so hopefully I'll get a lot of time to work on all of them.
Phoenix Watercolor by Aryncoryn
Phoenix Watercolor
I'm making a bunch of small watercolor paintings for people at my school, so here's the first one. xD I'll be going on break after today, so hopefully I'll get a lot of time to work on all of them.
I'll be complaining for a decent bit of this journal, so you might want to ignore this. ^^;

Well, as you may have noticed, I'm not putting out as much art as usual. :P Sorry, it's just that I've been tired, busy, and unmotivated.

Also, as I tried to actually draw something interesting tonight and messed up on the pen ink part (so I couldn't erase it), my morale went down rather steeply. xD It was starting to appear halfway decent, too, and it was on thick watercolor paper.

Finally, I'll need to finish my book by the end of the year (it was my resolution for the new year), and I have a long way to go. 

Sorry for the complaining! ^^; 


Aryncoryn's Profile Picture
Aryn Alba
Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
United States
:iconnyght11: Made me this amazing ID pic! :D
I have been drawing for quite some time, but I really got into it in 2012. I love drawing and I'm practicing every medium I can try!
I am into fantasy books and am trying to write my own.
I take requests for free, but if you want to offer me points, then thank you. :3 I make adoptables, but all of them are either for two points or are draw-to-adopts, since none of them are great and I'm not very well-known.
I am best at drawing birds, I think, but I believe I am decent at drawing dragons.
I read all of my comments, since the few I get are precious, and I usually respond to them. I scan my drawings in when I can, most of the time, unless I cannot get to my scanner (that does not happen too often, though).
All in all, welcome to my page. ;)

*Fandoms I am IN/Media I Enjoy a Lot:*
~Guardians of Ga'Hoole/Wolves of the Beyond
~Percy Jackson/Heroes of Olympus
~Avatar: The Last Airbender/The Legend of Korra
~Marvel (not JUST the movies!)
~My Little Pony
~Harry Potter
~Fullmetal Alchemist
~How to Train Your Dragon
~Jekyll and Hyde (the book and the musical)
~The Phantom of the Opera (also the book and the musical)
~A Tale of Two Cities (same as above)

*Fandoms I WANT to Get Into:*
~Doctor Who
~Mortal Instruments
~Black Butler
~Hetalia (maybe)

My Facebook page is here:…

Things people have made for me as requests, commissions, prizes, trades, and gifts:
Aryn by Jayesixx Pointy Pony: Lauren by MyPaintedMelody
Mirrors In Your Mind by spring-warmth Request: Aryncoryn by dragonitas Scootaloo by Szarlotki
Art trade with Aryncoryn by demon-variola ~Aryncoryn's request~ by Silver-Hollystar Ethan for ArynCoryn by SamalaKatal
Aryn by SapphireMoonbrush Request for Aryncoryn by Kaliaen Everyone Smiles Eventually | Commission #1 by Lone-Wolf-028
Aryn commission by xXTwistedRainbows pic for Aryncoryn. by ToughEnough Ethan and Alex- Request by PiscesWeirdo
Aryn (request) by CottonKatt Laurai headshot by SironaWolf Emily by Brinxx
[Request]Emily:Pony by fernGlaboo12 Aryn OCs gif by L-Michelle-SA :CM: Laurai by Sourene
Ember by Nyght11 Aryn by Nyght11 Alexandria for ArynCoryn by SamalaKatal
Aryn, the strange owl by Asio-arald COMMISSION:Alba with fireworks by Pan-AuraPuch Balance Aryncoryn by LUWOLVESCAS
Prize: Owl by Meli-chan3 Aryn by Flightless-Ferret Aryn -  request by PurpleNightTheKitty
Aryn Drawing by fangs211 Request- Aryn by GaHooleNerd44 Art Trade: Aryncoryn by spring-warmth
A pigeon! by Novawuff Ember by SwimmButt Aryn OCs by L-Michelle-SA
Sketches are awesome by ckaroline600 Aryncoryn: Owl Master by dragonitas Princess Emily: Filly and Mare (Request) by Whisperer-of-Winds
Aryncoryn [blinking] by Cakeindafridge Request: Aryn Alba 1 (sketch) by Whisperer-of-Winds Aryn Alba 2 (sketch) by Whisperer-of-Winds


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125 / 50
You don't have to donate any and I'm not pressuring anyone. I just don't have any and I was wondering if anyone would like to. If you want to, you could put points in and ask me for a drawing. xD I still take requests, though! This is only if you ever wanted to donate!

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